Corowa Woodware

tn_Barrels009For over thirty years Corowa Woodware crafted miniature casks have brought people together sharing good times and good wines. Our casks are used for fortified wines and spirits and make a wonderful addition to any home bar, a place where people congregate and enjoy each other’s company.

You can store wines purchased at bulk rates, learn about making your own wines, or even mature younger inexpensive wines to suit individual taste. The wine to wood ratio allows maturation to take place in a very short time. Experiment by blending wines to suit your personal preference. Instructions to help you get stared are provided.

Our casks are excellent for wine appreciation groups, and make great gifts, prizes and trophies. We are situated in the Federation Town of Corowa in country NSW, close to Rutherglen, one of Australia’s best known fortified wine regions. Corowa Woodware is an Australian owned and operated company offering the original tradition of barrel making to the highest quality. Corowa Woodware Barrels are complete with a timber stand, brass tap and oak bung.

The timber used to make each barrel is of the highest quality Virgin American White Oak which enhances the maturity and flavour that you should expect for many, many years. Virgin American White Oak also has a beautiful unique grain that provides a quality finish that will compliment any enviroment.

When you purchase a Corowa Woodware Barrel you have the confidence of a 12 month workmanship guarantee from Australia’s oldest and most respected manufacturer of miniature barrels. You can purchase one of our casks online on this site or you can contact us via email with any questions here.

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